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What’s the Beat? Copyright Infringement 101 (Part 2)

Here’s the 2nd part of my Copyright Infringement 101 series. This part is a little more hands-on as I’ll show some samples of songs from popular infringement cases. Enjoy.


In a perfect case of irony, Youtube sent me the following email in regards to this particular video:

Dear Beatz McKenzie,

Your video, What’s the Beat? Copyright Infringment 101 (Part 2), may have content that is owned or licensed by Koch Entertainment.
No action is required on your part; however, if you are interested in learning how this affects your video, please visit the Content ID Matches section of your account for more information.

Turns out it was the 2 Live Crew song “Pretty Woman” that was tagged. Luckily, they didn’t disable my audio, but you may find some random Amazon ads linking to the 2 Live Crew song for purchase on the video page. So once again, 2 Live Crew wins. Me love you long time.


What’s the Beat? Copyright Infringement 101 (Part 1)

Hello, folks. This time I’m tackling copyright infringement, aka, biting. Biting is/was a very rampant practice in hiphop, modern music and entertainment in general. Now, however, most people play nice and get permission to use someone’s work. This change in philosophy is the result of some very crucial legal cases that helped define and narrowly tailor all things related to copyrights (also, thanks to the internet, it’s easier to find the owner of the work and it’s also easier to track down an infringer). I’m gonna knock this out in a 2 part series, similar to my copyright 101 series. I will have part 2 up soon as well. Enjoy.

What’s the Beat? Music Licensing

Back again, people. Well, this time I’m giving a (very) brief outline of some of the primary ways money is generated in the music business. During these very trying times it’s crucial to take advantage of as many money-generating opportunities as possible. And thanks to avenues such as video games and TV commercials, the music industry still has a viable future in the world of entertainment. Enjoy

What’s the Beat? Fair Use

Hey, people. Today’s topic is going to focus on the Fair Use doctrine and the general rights of the public in relation to copyrighted (or formerly copyrighted) works. My mother, who is a professor, actually brought this issue up and was wondering about the legality of teachers using images and copies of other works in their classroom presentations. So I decided to make a general Fair Use piece to illustrate a few rights we have and to also dead a few misconceptions regarding Fair Use. Hopefully this breakdown clears up a few issues. Enjoy.


Shout out to the Artist Formerly Known As…

What’s the Beat? Drake and Contemporary Hip Hop

Ok, folks. I read a recent article on my old/current stomping grounds and I just had to respond. The piece really makes me wonder about the “Standard” perception of hiphop within the hiphop community. Maybe there just isn’t any unified “Standard” as I once thought because this piece seems more damaging than it should be. Check out my response and make sure to check out the original article first so you have some context as to what I’m talking about. Enjoy.

What’s the Beat? Artist Performance Rights Controversy

Hi, yall. Back again with more entertainment/music business news. This time I’m doing a quick run-down of the controversy surrounding artists royalties (or lack thereof) and Performance rights. Check it out, hopefully it’ll spark some interest and attention to a very serious, hot topic issue in the entertainment world. Enjoy.

What’s the Beat? Copyright 101 (2 part series)

Hello, kids. I’m back with another series of What’s the Beat? and this time I’m giving a quick overview of Copyright and related issues such as the copyright duration controversy, termination rights and trademarks. Hope you enjoy and if you have any questions or want any explanation of anything feel free to drop it in the comments.

also make sure to check out the Library of Congress’s website for a more in-depth look at everything I covered.

What’s the Beat? Copyright 101 (Part 1)

Copyright 101 (Part 2)