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What’s the Beat? Nintendo Wii Overview

Back, folks. This time I’m doing a quick rundown of Nintendo’s latest lovechild; the Wii. Personally, I’m not a fan of the console or, most importantly, the impact the Wii is having on the overall scope and perception of gaming throughout the mainstream world/media. But at the end of the day Nintendo knows how to please consumers and also how to create new consumers. They’ve been expanding the realm of gaming for 20 odd years so who am I to question them? Well, enough of that. Check out the video and let me know what you think. Peace.


What’s the Beat? Music Licensing

Back again, people. Well, this time I’m giving a (very) brief outline of some of the primary ways money is generated in the music business. During these very trying times it’s crucial to take advantage of as many money-generating opportunities as possible. And thanks to avenues such as video games and TV commercials, the music industry still has a viable future in the world of entertainment. Enjoy

What’s the Beat? Disney Acquisition of Marvel Ent.

Back again, people. Well, well, well. Disney has awakened from its comatose slumber and actually did something. Props to them. I was beginning to the think the company was run by chimpanzees. I think both Marvel and Disney win in this deal. Check the vid. Enjoy.

What’s the Beat? Fair Use

Hey, people. Today’s topic is going to focus on the Fair Use doctrine and the general rights of the public in relation to copyrighted (or formerly copyrighted) works. My mother, who is a professor, actually brought this issue up and was wondering about the legality of teachers using images and copies of other works in their classroom presentations. So I decided to make a general Fair Use piece to illustrate a few rights we have and to also dead a few misconceptions regarding Fair Use. Hopefully this breakdown clears up a few issues. Enjoy.


Shout out to the Artist Formerly Known As…

What’s the Beat? Blueprint 3 Production Review

Hello, folks. As you may or may not know, Jay-Z’s latest Opus the Blueprint 3 has leaked and I figured I’d review the album in a different light and focus on the production of the album. Check it out.