What’s the Beat? Drake and Contemporary Hip Hop

Ok, folks. I read a recent article on my old/current stomping grounds and I just had to respond. The piece really makes me wonder about the “Standard” perception of hiphop within the hiphop community. Maybe there just isn’t any unified “Standard” as I once thought because this piece seems more damaging than it should be. Check out my response and make sure to check out the original article first so you have some context as to what I’m talking about. Enjoy.


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One response to “What’s the Beat? Drake and Contemporary Hip Hop”

  1. Word is Bond says :

    A effin men to this. My wife and I frequently talk about how great it is to see hip hop evolving. Guys wearing fitted jeans and pink glasses. Beats becoming musical, bringing in singers who 10 yrs ago would have had nothing to do with hip hop (like Mr. Hudson). Lyrical content being about something other than bitches and weed. That’s all so cliche. Videos are now becoming abstract and artful. I also think this shift will influence the youth to become more… to say it’s ok to be different, to be smart, to express your happiness. Those Slaughterhouse heads piss me off a little when they talk about today’s hip hop artists not being real for being part of this evolution.

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